Choosing a bit is confusIng, Help


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21 February 2013
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Hi everyone, please help as my head is spinning!

Elderly semi-retired horse needs a new bit. ( Reasons complicated so won't go in to them here )

I contacted a bitbank, myler and neue schule.

Bitbank suggested a Myler Correctional Ported Barrel Pelham

Myler suggested a MB36 Forward Tilt Ported Pelham Can't find a link, but the mouthpiece is as the next bit

OR a MB36 Forward Tilt Ported Kimberwick ( I hate that, surely it's a Kimblewick )

Neue Schule suggested a Tactio Universal I know this is loose ring but I couldn't find a pic of the universal as it's so new.

OR possibly a Turtle Top Universal

I can see the reasoning behind most of the choices as the horse needs tongue not bar pressure and has a low palate.

All these bits are £120 plus ( and some are, as far as I can find, only available in the USA ) which I cannot afford.
So can anyone suggest an affordable alternative.

Many thanks.
Also extra thanks to those who responded to my previous post about the Myler MB41


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25 May 2010
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Well that's confusing and conflicting advise! A gag like a universal will raise the head, a pelham or kimblewick will lower the head and work on the bars. The turtle top works across the whole of the tongue.

What is your horse doing that you want to change? If the head needs to come up and you need the action of a gag then Jeffries do a universal copy that's only about £20