Choosing a horse at a heavier weight!

6 December 2021
Used to ride a fair bit in my younger teens but fell out of it sadly. Looking to get back into riding however I have also started putting on weight for weightlifting (I swear it's not just Covid weight!!!), and am now hovering around 86kg at 5"10. My sister rides a horse which I would guesstimate is around 14-15.4 hands tall, but I reckon with tack I would probably be too heavy for him? Does anyone have any suggestions on how to find a more suitable horse please? Planning to get heavier and I really don't want to damage a horse!
Thanks very much :)


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28 December 2011
86 kg is approx 13.5 stone, so well within the max weight limit of most riding schools.

You’ve guesstimated the horse as between 14 and 16 hands…more accurate would be useful, plus whether the horse is a weight-carrying type or not. Added to that is the fact that your level of riding experience may or may not be suitable for a particular horse.

Perhaps a few refresher lessons at a decent riding school might be handy, just to see where you are with it all and get an independent opinion from someone who can assess you in person.

Hope this helps, and have fun starting up again!


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12 October 2020
West Sussex
As someone who has also recently returned to riding after leaving it in my teens, I second Teacup's suggestion of a few lessons (private if you can) with a good insructor to get you going again. I used to be pretty competent and I can feel things slowly clicking back into place now, but I definitely benefitted a lot from having an instructor's correction those first few times.