Clipping legs/ clipping phobia

27 April 2021

I posted a month or so ago wanting advice about my cob who really doesn’t like his legs being clipped. I got him done last month under vet sedation but now of course he needs doing soon and I can’t afford to get the vet out every time!

He’s not 100% about his legs being touched which I am constantly working on. I can run the clippers whilst their on up and down his legs with him only getting uncomfortable if it’s for a longer period of time but as soon as I actually clip hair off then that’s when he starts stamping and moving away.

I feel he is better when I do it in the ménage so I’m thinking it could be that when I try outside his stable he can feel the vibrations more as it’s on concrete? So I have a thick piece of matting for him to stand on but it’s still not enough to safely do it.

Has anyone had this before where it’s the actual clipping that their horse won’t allow? He’s much better with me touching his legs without his feathers so I’m not wanting to grow them back as I like being able to treat his mallenders without all the hair! I have low vibration, quiet and cordless clippers too so it’s not that it’s the noise or moving cords!

I was just really wanting suggestions if anyone has any? I’m thinking about trying domoseden next but it’s a risk for me incase it doesn’t work as I pay someone to come out to clip him and don’t want her to waste her journey!

thank you

I'm Dun

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20 May 2021
yes, and I gave up. 100% to clip everywhere but lethal if you touched his legs. He needed IV sedation twice to do them. We assumed his legs would have issues under the hair but actually there was nothing of concern under there, so we made the decision to let it grow back


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30 March 2007
New Forest
I am going through the same as you, and desensitization is an ongoing process.
Some good progress was made at the last attempt, with an experienced friend clipping while I distracted with a Lickit tub.
I need to treat with Frontline asap, so may have to resort to the Demosedan just to get the job done, then continue with the desensitization training. Good Luck.