common riding/ride outs/turnout parades Scotland

20 April 2017
Hey, looking for some help!

I have done Lauder common Riding and am considering some others this year. I know some of the common rides - though there are some I wouldn't do. I don't have my own horse so I hire, so I prefer something a bit more "civilised" where possible!

I wondered if anyone knows of any slower/shorter rides they can recommend - turnout parades, that kind of thing. I will be doing Lauder again and do enjoy the good gallops and the atmosphere but think I would like to do a bit more this year if possible.

Any recommendations of any type of ride outs that are a bit more "civilised" for want of a better word for taking a hired (and therefore unknown) horse would be much appreciated!


New Member
7 March 2018
The general rule is avoid the big towns. Musselburgh is fast but civilised as they split people up into little groups.