Confidence builder

22 October 2020
A few weeks ago I had an accident with my horse (not very bad, horse is fine, I got a few bruises and a few new scars but nothing broken) and I'm just struggling a bit to get my confidence back. It isn't affecting me much as I've been riding and going to shows more and more recently, but I can't quite shake the feeling something's going to go wrong again. Any tips?


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23 November 2020
Working with a good, empathetic instructor to build your confidence and push you on, while supporting your personal growth and skills, is invaluable. Are you perhaps pushing through to go to shows and events? It's always ok to take a step back and assess where you're at and how you're feeling. Progress in any definition isn't linear. As @Cutgrass says, these things do take time - were I you I'd figure out what it was that frightened me, what went wrong, what I'm anticipating, and then I'd make sure I had a clear idea in my head of steps I'd taken to minimise risk and maximise enjoyment. If that means a month of sedate hacking, so be it!