Converted to Scoot Boots...but a question


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15 January 2009
South Somerset
Hi All,

I am a new convert to hoof boots (after only one ride LOL). It was a toss up between having the boy's shoes back on or the boots and he seems very happy with them too. His frogs/sole are coming back lovely again, so I wanted to keep him unshod if poss, we are only hacking really a couple of days a week these days anyway.

So my question is that the Scoot Boots came with trail gaiters, which the instructions said should be used 'while the horse gets used to the boots'. How long do people use the gaiters for please and how do I tell when we are ready to leave them off?

wild at hoof

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15 October 2016
Lots of my clients left them on ... but then they gradually stopped using the boots as the horses became more sound.

I think it depends on the horse ... if you have a fine skinned Arab or tb you may need to leave them on.

I would rather leave them on than risk rubs :(