Cost of renting grazing?


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18 January 2012
Looking for some help. Might have a very exciting opportunity coming up, but as with everything ££££ always play a part!

Have found someone who is probably prepared to rent 'part' of a 15 acre hay field for grazing in my local area (hants/berks border).

I know it doesn't have - water, fencing or electric.
It's likely to potentially get quite wet in winter (small stream down one side).
It's not got any other use to the owner other than hay due to access.

None of the above is an issue for us renting it as it would mostly be summer grazing, but obviously will require some work and £££ before adding horses.

I would like to self manage it, so the land owner has no other involvement in it other than collecting money. However, they don't have any idea how much they want for it and I'm not sure how much is even a reasonable amount to start to offer with? Ideally I'd like half of the available land, but the minimum would be 5 acres.

Anyone done anything like this, or has some form of similar agreement or land owners who would have an idea of price. I don't even know how much the value of hay would be off 5-7 acres?