Cut on knee/arthroscopy healing time


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28 May 2013
Hi all, may lad got kicked on the outside of his knee at the end of November last year, small yet deep, piercing the joint fluid sac and resulting in an emergency arthroscopy and joint flush. He was in hospital 2.5 weeks then home on box rest since. We are doing twice weekly dressing changes to the wound as due to its depth and position, it very slow to heal.
It been 7.5 weeks now since the initial injury and op. It's so frustrating!!!! Such slow progress. Overall the vet is very pleased woh the wound and it's recovery, we've avoided any secondary infection which is brilliant. Has anyone else experienced a wound like this in this sort of position, and if so, how long did it take to finally seal up properly? The trouble is it's obviously inside to outside healing and being on the knee makes it a longer process. I'd love to hear from anyone else who has rehabbed this sort of injury. Thanks!