Dealers in or around the midlands

4 November 2013
Hi all,

After losing my promising youngster a few weeks ago, i am now on the hunt for a new Beast!!

There doesn't seem to be an awful lot around at the moment, i'm not willing to travel the length and depth of country i'm based in Stafordshire wiling to travel so far bu there seems to be more selection down south.

So would any of you be able to recommend any dealers around the midlands, Warwickshire, staffs, derby, Leicester.

Below is what i am after

15:2 to 16:3

Mare or gelding although mare is preferable

aged between 4 and 8 years

i'm open to color and breed as long as the correct qualities are there (but no TB i have had my fare share of them)

To do BSJA BN, DISCO and maybe newcomers, a bit of everything other than that.

Must be straight forward and honest

open to vet

I have a good budget for the right horse




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11 August 2005
Thats exactly the criteria I was looking for and at the time a lot were up your way ! It took me from June to October to find one and that was via Facebook.
Dealerwise, SW Eventing have the odd nice one, she's at Newent, Glos. Otherwise how about travelling to Irish Horse Imports, they always seem to have a lot of nice youngsters in but are nr Reading or possibly Hannah's Horse and Ponies (all can be found on Facebook)- I've not been to any of those but would do so.
Also would be useful for you to join Dodgy Horse Dealers and Sellers Group on Facebook to find the ones to avoid !
17 November 2008
-HM Sportshorses, Shropshire (FB page)
-Smiths Farm horses, Nr Eccleshall,Staffs.
Smiths farm only have a few but seem to put a lot of time into producing them. They have a FB page and website.