Describing breeding


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10 June 2008
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I have a really silly question. When you all describe your horses you say they are called FOAL NAME (stallion1 x stallion2 x stallion3). Is there any convention for which horses are names in the brackets as it seems everyone has a different way of doing it! I can see that stallion1 is the sire, and it seems that stallion2 is the dam sire, but who should stallion3 be, is it the sire of the dam sire or the sire of the dam's dam. Or, should it just be another stallion in the pedigree that is impressive!

For our foal Curload Onthelevel - Curly's family tree, should she be Curload Onthelevel (It's Without Doubt x Radway Ptarmigan x Radway Syrtaki)?