Diva update


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13 September 2005
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Thank you for your vibes!

I bumped into MrsMagoo and the lovely Star when I was there so it was nice to see them both again - fingers crossed for you hun!

An exceptionally well behaved Diva was sedated and the area was given a local she had the whole of the lump removed as banding was not an option.

It was actually quite shallow and nowhere near as deep rooted as we all thought

She had four stitiches and was given an injection of bute and was very quickly back on the lorry as she woke up very quickly. All the staff popped into to see her and us as it was the first time back at the vets since we had Hillock PTS and they made sure we were in another conultanting room which I thought was really considerate.

Got her home and she now looks like she has done 10 rounds with Mike Tyson! Bless her she was not allowed to eat for two hours and so she looked very forlorn and kept talking to me. She then spent two hous sifting through her bed extracting every last wisp of hay!

She has just eaten all her tea - antibiotic included! So hopefully it will heal quickly and we can resume business as usual.

The vet reckoned two weeks at most, they have sent the lump off to histology so will see what they say on Friday when we get the results.