Do I go or not? Urgent


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28 June 2007
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Sorry I always seem to be posting these...
Meant to be going to a show today.

Only its been raining overnight, then stopped so was hoping it would dry out but started drizzling again.

Showground is meant to have good drainage, but not sure if I should go.

Reasons being - can't put studs in as only shod infront, plus tried to put studs in last week but my farrier seems incapable of doing stud holes correctly - neither us, nor anyone else, can ever get the studs in! So thats not an option.
Plus I think she's coming into season so she may be rather uncoperative.

But then I really want to go as we havn't had as many outings as I'd have liked this year with one thing or another...We're doing 2 foot 3 and 2 foot 6 so only small but worried about it being slippery.