Do i need to contact anyone else?


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25 May 2008
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Took eldest daughter out hacking this evening, and on our way home we passed a field that for the last few months has had nothing in it.
Tonight it hold a VERY nice youngster (looks extremely well bred) in a rug

The rug is ripped causing the straps to become misplaced and prevening him from walking properly.
The field is really out the way and off the beaten track, so nobody really passes it other than us and a couple of determined dog walkers.
I have contacted the rspca (ilph/www were shut) and they said not to touch, they were going to send someone immediately, and call me back and let me know the outcome, but should i be informing anyone else?
This is a really nice youngster and to be stood in a field in the middle of nowhere with a bloody rug on in 26 degree heat just doesnt ring quite right.
So, is there anywhere else i should be informing? ( i have a nasty feeling someone somewhere, is missing a rather nice neddie)