do you think anyone would take me up on this?


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17 March 2005
South Yorkshire
Im in a bit of a quandry and was wondering if anyone thought this might be of interest to someone who is horseless?
1 of my horses is up for sale. Ive had plenty of people enquire about her but only 1 person view so far.

I really could do with her gone before winter, would be even better if she went within the next month, as Im due to give birth in 3wks and my mum is going to struggle looking after 5 horses and working full time.

So Im thinking of putting her out on loan for at least the winter or longer if someone wanted it longer term, plus a view to buy option.

Now i would be happy or her to stay at my yard or move to suit. Id still insure her and wouldnt expect any payment in return. Obviously If want to do a thorough check on the prospective loaner, yard etc.
Do you think anyone would be interested in taking her on on this basis?


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27 August 2011

Especially the loan with an agreement/view to buy. I have been just looking as I'm buying another in Oct at the earliest, and tthough I don't have the funds right now I'd love it if I found the perfect horse and the owner was happy with me, and hte home to be able to do that. :D

As always though get everything in writting and a full contract, stating everything clearly.