Dressage bloodlines, very confused!!


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13 August 2006
Central Scotland
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Hi Ladies and Gents

I am coming back to horses for the first time in six years and in spring/summer 2008 I am planning on buying a baby for dressage. However, I see things have changed somewhat since I last read Horse and Hound (bought my first copy today, so many new people and horses I've never heard of!!).

So, my question is, if I was looking to buy a British Bred foal for dressage, which bloodlines should I be looking at, who are the big names in British dressage these days? Obviously I have a couple of years to save up my pennies and do my research but I want to make sure I buy as good a prospect as possible and preparation prevents por performance!

I'm so excited, I can't believe it's so far away but at least I've got 5 or so years to brush up on my riding and schooling skills!

Thanks guys

Love Jules x


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7 September 2004
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How exciting, and good on you for wanting to buy british !!
Might be worth keeping your eyes open for the dressage auctions, Addington hold them amongst others.
a possible starting point is to check out:

I'm sure others will give you good places to look and stallion names etc.

The BD dressage champs are coming up, might be worth a trip so you can see various horses, their breeding lines and which stamps most grab you.


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24 May 2004
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Treliver Decanter - www.treliverstud.co.uk

I've got a yearling by him who is wonderful, great temprament, cuddly, great movement and takes everything in his stride (baths, fly spray, showsheen, bit (just held in his mouth), rug, leading)

He's absolutely no trouble at all and easier to handle than the 30 yr old ex JA I've got as a livery who is nuts at times !!!

Now in 2008 he'll be 3........and about 15.3........just ready for someone to ride....!!


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7 January 2006
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I would definitely recommend Holme Trakehners based in Bedfordshire. There website is www.holmetrakehners.com.

I bought my 2005 filly from them last year and she absolutely fantastic in everyway. She has a lovely easy going temperament and breathtaking paces. They have 3 stallions standing and lots of broodmares all of which are graded with the TBF. There are lots of Holme Grove/ Holme Park horses competing upto PSG & Inter1 BD currently, and they are often featured in H&H write ups.

Good luck and if you want any more info, feel free to PM me!!