Dressage riders - Clare/surrounding counties

27 May 2016
Hi, looking for some suggestions/recommendations... my husband is Irish and his family circumstances mean that a move to Ireland could be on the cards for us. He's from Clare - so my question for you lovely people is - are there any dressage instructors in the area/within reasonable distance to travel to for training that you would recommend?

My current instructor is competing a horse she produced herself at PSG/Inter 1 level - with sights on Grand Prix, and has done wonders for my riding. I'm ideally looking for someone who can help me progress through the levels - would love to wear a tails coat one day - so someone who has trained to a similar level would be great. Ideally within sensible distance for a weekly lesson, maybe fortnightly.


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27 October 2016
  • There's Donie McNamara, he's in Limerick. He's ridden to Grand Prix. He's also a judge. He's coached the Irish paralympic team.
  • Lucy Cusack. She's in Limerick. She competes at inter 1. She's really nice and her students tend to do well.
  • Una O'Donnell. She's a judge, she's in Limerick, and she coaches some of the higher level eventers. I don't know off- hand what level she's competed to. I know it's at or above Prix St. George.
  • Tara Oliver, also in Limerick. She competes at Grand Prix.
  • Christiana Madigan. She's also a judge. She competes at Grand Prix. She's in west Clare.
Afaik the high level instructors are generally in the Limerick area rather than Clare.
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