ear problems


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31 May 2009
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Does anyone have any experience with horse ear problems ? this is quite a long story but im begining to wonder if my mare may have problems, last tue my mare stopped at a jump a couple of times, which was very out of the blue for her. Then the following day I noticed her glands were up, this has happened before due to the change in grass so I turned her out. In the evening her glands were still up but she still seemed happy and was eatting etc but when I tacked her up for my lesson she tried to roll with her tack on. I decided against the lesson as this was all a bit strange, I took her temp which was normal. I keept her in wed, thur and fri ( she is currently living out ) on thur there was still swelling around her glands going right the way up to her ear base but everything else seemed normal, so the vet came out and took blood to test for a virus. The blood came back fine, the only thing she could say was a slighty increased enzyme level in the liver was detected but nothing to cause any worry. She suggested the weekend off brining her back in to work mon and keeping an eye on her temp just incase. Now on Sun evening the swelling is still there and her temp is still fine. So im puzzled !
The other reason I say about her ears is that in the last few months it has become a problem putting on her bridle, she sticks her head right in the air and being 5ft2 and her being 16.2 its nots easy !!! She never used to be a problem but I put this down to the fact that someone else tacked her up for me at a show and may have pulled her around. I have tried looking in her ears but I couldnt really see anything. Does anyone have any ideas ?