equestrain head camera


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20 January 2010
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hi,any one tell me the best but cheep head camera as my just brock?some sites have them so you see the videos how the come out but cant seem to find them.


25 September 2015
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Just ordered muvi pro from them and its £44, cheapest place you will find them as they are £63 on ebay with the sports kit, but even going through their site it worked out cheaper still with the sports kit.

I asked our techie at work who deals with our cctv and he said its a short battery life, but generally the same 720p tech we used for our own camera (sadly no longer sell which is a shame as that had a 3 hour battery) but in general, it would be a good option and for the price its spot on. Unless you want a 1080p camera its the best option on the market i've found, and the image doesn't seem too bad on youtube.

the only thing i found from my research is it points down a lot, or if you're big busted, definitely consider the sports package for the head band attachment as would be pointing at the sky lol! Hoping to get it soon so i can have a good play with it!