Equino Chaps & boots?!


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17 September 2015
Hi All,

For yet another winter i am suffering with chilblains to my thighs and feet when riding. I have finally found my saving grace wellies that have dramatically improved the chilblains on my feet but i need to find a solution that works for riding in.

I have long ariat heritage boots which are absolutely NOT warm at all despite trying all different combinations and brands of socks plus the little hand warmers they just aren't cutting it. I have also got the Rambo full chaps (fleece lined) and the Musto ones too which have helped but they are so blooming bulky to ride in. I have a great long coat too which helps.

I have been looking at Equino full chaps for a couple of years now and think it would be worth investing in them for the sake of my legs but I'm also curious as to what boots people ride in with them? I'm assuming short boots although maybe wrong and if so which ones? I want to be comfortable and warm.

Any help and experience with this would be greatly received!!



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8 September 2009
I used to have these and they've always kept me warm.

As for chilblains on thighs I suffer each winter I notice to late that it's got cold enough for them 🤦🏼‍♀️, but once they come up I switch to wearing either leggings /gym pants /thermals and then just a pair of windproof and waterproof over trousers and it generally stops them in their tracks.
I then don't stop wearing this combination until spring.

Hope this helps.
Boots also do a good chilblain cream that helps soothe them