Fabulous Albion saddle and fitting


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14 July 2005
I recently posted about having problems with a new Albion saddle. Thank you so much to those of you who posted and pmd me with advice and help. I would just like to say that I have had the most fantastic help and service from Abion, saddle fitter and the company they work for. All resolved and I am back 'in the saddle' I didn't name names on the orignal post (defamatory posts and all that) and don't feel I should name names now either. However, if you want a recommendation about a good saddler and company please do pm me and I don't think I need to recommend Albion any more highly than I already have ( I love my K2 GP to bits) - it helped me sit a very interesting stirrup leather failure over a drop fence today!! NOT I REPEAT NOT leathers that came with the saddle!

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