Feed help


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10 January 2014
My horse is currently fed:
Ad lib haylage and a hard feed of Speedi beet, micronised linseed, brewers yeast, salt and apple cider vinegar.

He has just moved to a lovely track livery, so will be moving about a lot more than he ever was before. He is barefoot but has quite good feet naturally.

I am thinking of changing his feed to pink mash and equimins balancer. I would still keep the BY but probably drop the ACV. Would this be enough for him? Would he still need the added micronised linseed?

I know there is the old saying of 'if it isn't broke then don't fix it' and he does look good as he is, but I really like the sound of the pink mash and think it could be really good for him!

Thank you in advance!


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9 February 2019
I’d definitely add the balancer
Pink mash I rave about, works wonders on my mare.
But it depends what you’re hoping it’s going to do and if budget is a factor.
Mine has been turned away recently so doesn’t need the extra digestive support and I’ve successfully swapped the PM for kwik beet, it’s more economical, the linseed she gets with both anyway.

Good luck on the new yard 😊