Feeding a (dressage) competition horse


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11 November 2006
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My horse is worked (fairly hard ie trotting, cantering, lateral work, transitions, extensions, etc) 6/7 days a week for about 30-40 minutes with a further 10 mins warm-up and cool-down. He is working at medium level at home.

He only goes out for a couple of hours a day because he won't stay out any longer (but that's another story

He is currently in good condition and is well muscled and fairly fit.

At present I feed him two feeds comprising about a third of a scoop of Speedibeet (obviously soaked), just under a scoop of Allen and Page Sustain (slow release energy feed) and just under a scoop of Alfa A original. He also has various suppliments including linseed oil and Pink Powder.

My question is, I was previously only working him 4/5 times a week with another couple of days lunging. He is now working harder in each session too. I think he needs a bit more energy but not so he goes loopy.

My question is, should I split his feed into three? Should I increase the mix and / or sugar beet? Should I be giving him a higher energy feed or is slow release best?


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25 March 2003
East Anglia
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I'm no feed expert but I'd split to three feeds a day and I up the slow release enegry unless you find he's a bit lack lusture under saddle. I fhe is then I'd up the instant release energy.