Female jockeys

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23 June 2013
south yorkshire
Terribly sad about Lorna. And it won’t make the sports bulletin or the newspapers. Rest in peace. 😢
It was in the Guardian the Daily Mail the Daily Express the Telegraph and the Sun the Mirror and lots of evening and rural papers. And I'm sure it will have been in many more. It must have been extremely hard for her mum who she was riding for at the time of fall. God bless her may she rest in peace.
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10 December 2008
It's terribly sad about Lorna Brooke. I don't follow racing particularly but this did make it onto the more mainstream channels.

Time are changing because of the like of Rachael Blackmore, Nina Carberry, Katie Walsh, Holly Doyle, Nicola Curry etc. They are good riders who are down to earth and get the job done. Bryony Frost is setting that campaign back. I know the public like her banging on about her special pegasus and her pet pony etc. But in racing we quite simply see that as annoying and childish. Something a 12yo would say who had just won their first jump off. Not a professional jockey.
As I said I don't really follow racing but I think it's refreshing to see a jockey who clearly cares about her horses and gives them the credit for doing well. If that's a female thing then we need more women in racing. There's absolutely nothing wrong with a woman doing something a woman's way if it delivers the same results. To suggest that copying the men is the only way to do it does women, the horses and the sport a huge disservice. Nobody claims Pippa Funnell or Piggy March is unprofessional for clearly loving their horses, or even Michael Jung with Sam.

Over the years, we've had both men and women as senior managers in my organisation. Most of the women have a had a far more flexible, empathetic approach and the workplace is often much happier and productive for it. The absolute worst ones I've had have been women who have tried to out-man the men.