Finding work in the horse industry!!!

Mr Woo

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29 May 2013
Sorry I Will try to keep this brief.

I am currently seeking employment in the horse industry; I am looking for work in sales, marketing and management (happy to go in as a trainee). I have worked in the industry for over 17 years from leaving school. I have worked my way up from a groom in a racing yard to assistant manager at one of the countries larges riding centres, gaining an NVQ3 and coaching qualifications along the way.

As there was no progression where I was I decided to undertake a degree in Equine Business Management gaining a 1st class Hons. Since completing my degree I have worked for an equine feed company and I have been freelancing as an instructor and groom. However I can not seem to gain full-time employment within the industry. I have offered myself as a volunteer to several companies to no avail.

I do not want to have to leave the industry but I really am running out of Ideas!

All ideas, input welcome.


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12 February 2013
West Midlands
No real advice but just to say I understand! I work in Marketing/PR in an equine organisation at the moment, but only on a temporary contract. My contracts nearly over, and related equine jobs are like gold dust.

Have you checked out They always seem to have the best selection of office related equine jobs. And if you're willing to relocate, that would be a major advantage (I'm not and so it rules out a large proportion for me!!)

Best of luck :)