Fit of T4 high wither vs T6/8 jump?


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19 December 2005
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If anyone can help me! My horse has a t4 high wither gp, and seems to go very well in it. Saddler is coming out soon just to check the fit.

So far I've been jumping in it, and I have to admit it's one of the best gp saddles I've jumped in - normally my lower legs go flying back in a gp saddle!

I've not been doing large jumps, but got me thinking about the thorowgood jumping saddles.

My previous saddler recommended the t4 high wither over the normal one, as she said the panels on the high wither would suit her better over the normal one, so here's my question... Would a t6/8 jump be likely to suit my horse or not? I'm guessing they are more based on the normal gp, and I don't think they do a high wither jumping?