Fly veil sizing


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1 February 2002
My girl wears a fly veil over spring/summer and I'm ready to buy a new one this year.

I need some advice on fitting - my mare wears a magnetic headpiece attached to her bridle which is quite wide. The problem I have is the fly veils I have are not deep enough behind the ears and as I ride, the fly veil dislodges itself!

Does anyone or can anyone recommend a 'deep behind the ears' fly veil?!!

The ones I have at the moment are Eskadron, John Whittaker and schockemohle - none of them are deep enough. Have looked on www - Animo look quite deep but.... lot of money - not sure I want to shell out that much :D

Any thoughts?


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30 November 2013
Have you thought about letting your horses mane & forelock grow? In Southern France horses manes & forelocks are left long like Andalusians or MM and they do a great job. I'm going to try it with my horses this year & dispense with the fly veils which seem to irritate them. I think we over tidy our horses in the UK & forget that they have adapted quite nicely to live outside if only we woul let them remain a little more aux naturelle (if that's how you spell it). :)