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23 October 2012
Hi folks

We are considering a move to France permanently later this year. I am trying to get my head around FFE and competing my horses. I understand the Club and Galop requirements and my horses will be registered so can compete Amateur and Pro. I am struggling to find the height/levels for these, I think Amateur covers up to 1.10m and Pro above that for showjumping, can anyone clarify the levels for dressage, showjumping and eventing or point me to the page on FFE to put through Google translate! I'm also keen to understand how the level I need to be competing at, in France, to then be able to carry on and compete at CIC* and CCI*, in the UK I am competing at BE Novice and by default have qualified to then enter a CIC* and CCI*. I'm sure our qualifications will stand in France initially however I need to work out what level I should be competing at on a regular basis to be prepared and continue to remain qualified to do so. Many thanks in advance for any thoughts.


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28 December 2006
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I don't compete eventing or showjumping, but Am1 eventing is Novice/Intermediate in the UK I think. I have a friend who is competing at Am1 and is doing CIC*. But I don't know 100% the rules, The second link is specific to eventing, and page 26 is about the heights: . The tests for Eventing are here :

For Showjumping Amateur covers up to 1m25 (Amateur Elite). Page 28 of the 2nd link :)

Dressage is very different to the UK. I'm competing Am1 which is equivalent I think to Advanced Medium/Advanced... I'm about to go out and do the FEI Junior team and individual tests, which are Am1 Préliminaire and Am1 Grand Prix. Amateur Elite is working towards PSG and there are a few tests before that to prepare you for it. You can find all the tests here for dressage :

Hope this helps :) Feel free to PM if I can help any more :)