Frustrated with lameness


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4 December 2008
Just wondering if someone could please give me some advice on what to do next, or if they have any ideas what is causing my gelding's lameness/stiffness.
I took him to a XC about 4 weeks ago, and he was slightly lame the day after on a foreleg. It appeared to be a stiffness from his shoulder but there was no heat, swelling or anything else. He was pointing his foot ever so slightly - no sign of an abcess or anything hurting in the foot.
I called the vet out and after an examination, trot up & lunge the vet thinks he may have pulled a muscle in his shoulder. He had 10 days rest & was slowly bought back into work and seemed fine. He was very slightly stiff but definately not lame.
I rode him this evening , got off & ended up lunging him to see what is going on, as I'm just not happy that he is 100%. He didnt feel lame as such, but still stiff & just not quite right. He isnt nodding at all. My husband said he was galloping around the field today so maybe he is just a bit sore in his shoulder.
I'm not sure what to do next. Should I get the vet back out and get some scans etc done, or should I rest him.

Bertie x


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4 March 2009
Go with your gut reaction, you know your horse and sadly I do speak from experience.
Could be anything including as was the case for us the vertebrae not kissing exactly but almost touching owing to arthritic changes.
Tildren has been a godsend for this horse who had never been sick or sorry but after 4 weeks of everything else being ruled out and finally being taken in his prognosis is excellent. Up till then and biting the bullet we were offered more bute and straight lines but went with gut instinct as sooooo out of character. Good luck.