Video Getting more *ping* jumping (or am I worrying unnecessarily?)

25 August 2021
I'm pleased but not at all surprised. He looked to me like an extremely capable horse who just couldn't be bothered. Have fun flying!
Thank you! I just need my brave pants on now πŸ˜‚

Obviously no scope no hope with that one :p

He makes it look easy!

I've had a horse who was a rather economical mover, and yours must've attended the same school on economical jumping practices πŸ˜…

There was a stark contrast recently in a jumping lesson with my horse vs another. That horses jumping style is rather similar to yours, and sometimes I wasn't sure if she'd make it, but she always did. Whereas mine sometimes puts in too much effort/jump (he's still a bit new and subscribes to the "if you're unsure, leave plenty of room between you and the jump" theory, but it's gotten better). His canter is also more lively with more ping and sort of like a bouncing ball at times...while still moving forward. He doesn't get strong, or fresh, or even playful, but you can just really set him back on his hindend and have a lot of ping. However, he has a fair amount of dressage training and we've really focused on the canter quality so he's got a lot of gears/modes. He's also Spanish, so a bit of a different movement style anyway in comparison to the other horses in the lessons (all Warmbloods).

But if it works, then it works! He's a nice horse and I hope you continue to have many successful jumping adventures with him.
I find it so interesting how they all have their own style! And I think it's easy to get wrapped in comparing to others when actually every horse is different and like you say - if it works then it works! I think mine definitely struggles more to shorten than he does to lengthen - he loves to go on a long one so just need to strengthen him up in that respect. But thank you for your kind words and wish you the best too!

Based on the recent video, you will have a very good horse on your hands if you start to challenge him a bit.
You want a deeper shot to a fence. Keep the oxers square and the uprights decent. Ride him forwards and deep and let him make the mistakes - he will take a few but you should see a huge improvement fairly quickly
Yeah this is definitely what he struggles with! I need to put my brave pants on now and be confident that he can actually jump lol. Just needs to learn to sit more :).

He's very smart over a fence and looks the type that will make a really lovely eventer.

Or should I say... He's rubbish and will never event... I'll offer you a couple of grand to take him off your hands 😜
I think he's unsound, I'll give her meat money to take him off her hands 🀣
Grey, unsound, rubbish, zero potential for more, yep, definitely should be a freebie to one of us fools on HHO πŸ˜‚
Hahaha agreed he's simply awful I'm so desperate to get rid of him! 😝