Good Farrier who would shoe in Fareham on a Saturday?

3 February 2013
Hi all, does anyone know of a decent Farrier who may do a one off front shoeing on a weekend?

I’m based in Titchfield near Fareham in Hampshire

I have a youngster and would like to be there for his first shoeing. He’s been good with our farrier for trimming throughout, but I can only be there at the weekend during working hours for the foreseeable future and our farrier isn’t willing to do a weekend.

I’d consider changing farrier for all of our four if they do do this.

Thanks in advance


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17 August 2008
I have an absolutely excellent farrier. (Surrey) Would they be willing to attend on this sort of one of basis? Not sure - but you can ask. He definitely works weekends so that isn't an issue at all. He has young stock experience as well as being a top class remedial farrier. He is a training farrier so there is always a team of apprentices but if you would prefer they don't work on your horses they won't. Its just getting onto his caseload because he is quite sought after and you are slightly to the edge of his normal ground. But he might be able to recommend you to someone local of he can't cover. Dave Howell.