Good Luck Ben and Rolette


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1 April 2008
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Good Luck Ben. You have done an amazing job so far, enough to make everyone proud of you.
You put in a round of a lifetime Monday and deserved something for it. Fingers crossed for you tomorrow!xx


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9 January 2007
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From the FEI rulebook:

8.3. Participation

8.3.1. Round A

Round A of this competition is compulsory for the 35 best placed
competitors and horses (including those with equality of penalties
for 35th place) according to the cumulative penalties over the first
and second competition. For those individuals and members of
teams not qualified for the second round of the team competition
their score in the second round qualifier will count.

Participants must have taken part in the first qualifying competition
(completed or not) and have completed both rounds of the Team
Competition (without having been eliminated or having retired).
If for any reason one or more of these 35 best placed competitors
are unable to start, they are replaced by participants from the
reserve list of competitors.

Not more than three competitors from any one nation may take part
in this competition. In case four competitors from one nation are
within the top 35 riders, the three best placed riders from the
nation(s) in question will participate in the Individual Final. The
fourth rider cannot be added to the reserve list.

Participants start in Round A of the Individual Final competition with
zero penalties.

8.3.2. Round B

Round B of this competition is open to the 20 best placed
competitors from Round A, including those with equality of penalties
for 20th place.


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7 January 2008
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good luck to ours and am amazed that tarrsteps found a clear copy of the rules so easily...... considering no-one seemed to know what they were a few days ago!