Good quality saddlepads


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7 January 2020
Hi, was wondering what good quality saddlepads are out there that are colourful and do not cost £30+.

I have always stuck with the more expensive brands like LeMieux as they have always lasted and the colour hasn't faded after a handful of washes.

All my boys prefer thicker pads as they are quite sensitive so saddlepads that are thick and don't thin after a few uses would be great.

Any pictures of colourful/patterned pads on bays would be great!
10 October 2019
I have a HKM bologna saddle pad in a green colour. It has lasted several washes without fading or rubbing or without threads coming loose. I don't wash it too much 😂 but I think it would last. Bought it with polo wraps for £25 from a horse tack website don't remember which one. It's quite thick with padding on the inside and fairly breathable. Would highly recommend.