Goodbye Bob


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23 November 2019
Sorry to hear about Bob - he sounds like a dream cob, one i always dreamed of owning🙂 You’re very lucky to have experienced that gentle, reliable type and he was a lucky boy to have you as an owner, giving him the freedom and life to be his gentle self. Sounds like you had an incredible partnership. A wonderful legacy of another horse proving to us, we may be different species yet we can still connect and experience true happiness together.

I hope the pangs of loss are eclipsed by your joyful memories of Bob..big hug X

Mrs Jingle

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17 September 2009
Very sorry to read this sad post about Bob, you must be devastated. Run free Bob, now you are forever young and pain free. :(


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25 February 2012
So sorry for your loss. Your post is a lovely tribute to him, he was a lucky boy to have been loved so much.


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31 August 2010
So sorry to read of your loss Peter. he sounds like a real family character. RIP Bob. xx


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5 April 2010
Sadly last night I lost my horse Bob to Colic in the early hours of last night.

I had the pleasure of owning Bob for nearly 10 years.

Bob was a 16 year old handsome 14.3 heavyweight cob who had large brown eyes and a lovely thick main and tail as well as long bright white feathers.

He had the most gentle of natures that one could imagine and he was such a kind and forgiving horse.

I would trundle him around the local lanes and bridleways and people would often stop and ask me about him as he had such a kind and friendly face.

One day when we were riding along a narrow single lane road when about 30 ‘Hells Angels’ came towards us and Bob looked at them and they looked at Bob and they all immediately stopped and switched off their engines so as to let us quietly walk past them.

When I first viewed Bob he was 6 years old and I asked the sellers if I could see him ridden along the busy main road outside their stables. They asked one of their grooms to ride him and she rode him along the main road with articulated lorries passing him in both directions and then went under the M11 motorway bridge before turning right down a quiet lane, doing a U turn and then the busy road back to the yard. He just ignored the heavy traffic so I agreed to buy him, had him vetted which he passed and he walked onto my ancient Bedford TK horse box and we took him back home.

Bob was a very easy horse to manage as he was so good with the vet and farrier. We could easily wash his feathers and tail and he would not even move an inch.

This place will feel very empty without Bob’s happy carefree character.

Bob! Thanks for the many nice long hacks that we had together – we did have some serious fun!

I wish you a safe passage across the Rainbow Bridge so that you can run free in heaven and enjoy the nice long green grass that grows there.

We will all miss you and hopefully we will meet again at the pearly gates of heaven.

Goodbye my loyal friend.

So sorry for your loss.

I know the feeling. I personally lost 2 to colic.

RIP Bob, you have your angel wings now - fly free over the rainbow. :(


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6 March 2011
What a beautiful tribute ... what a lovely partnership you had, I hope your memories stay with you.