Grass Sickness- Help needed!


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4 May 2009
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As part of my dissertation for my second year of my HND at Guildford College, Merrist Wood campus I’m looking at whether the breed of horse effects the likelihood of getting EGS at whether it effects the prognosis. I would be very grateful if owners with horses/ponies who have suffered from EGS could fill out this brief questionnaire.

What date was the horse diagnosed with EGS?

What was the age and gender of the horse?

What breed is the horse?

Where there any stress factors which could have triggered the onset of EGS?

What region was the horse was the horse in when it was diagnoses with EGS?

Did the horse suffer from acute/ sub – acute or chronic EGS?

How was EGS diagnosed?

Did you choose to:
Euthanize without treatment?
Euthanize during treatment?
Euthanize post treatment?
Or treat it and the horse made a full recovery?

If the horse was treated, what treatment did they receive?

Did the horse live in or out?

I appreciate that some of the information provided in this questionnaire is going to be sensitive to most horse owners. However any information you supply will be strictly confidential. No names will be mention in the study and the information supplied will not be used for any other purpose.

Thank you for your time.

Sam Boseley

Thank you very much!