Have hunters done another "Isle of Wight"?


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14 September 2006
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"MORE people have come forward claiming they have definitely seen a fox in the Island [of Jersey].
St Peter Chef de Police Centenier Malcolm L'Amy asked the public for information after a pet rabbit was savaged and killed, an attack on a chicken in Les Augerez over a month ago, and the killing of ducks near the Airport last week.

Among those who have come forward following that appeal are Ann Le Rendu, from St Peter, who said she and her children are certain they saw a fox on the Five Mile Road a fortnight ago.

She and her husband David and children Deborah (9) and Catrin (13) were travelling in their car along the Five Mile Road and were just about to turn up Jubilee Hill when an animal ran across the road in front of the car.

Anyone with information should call Centenier L'Amy on 077977 20111."

The Jersey Evening Post
16 September 2006


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24 November 2005
Robbers Bridge, Exmore Forest
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What a fascinating post from the brain dead.

How can we help you?

I had that Bergerac's number somewhere ......

Who gives a toss !!!

Give us something interesting.

Are you going to be stopping us Stag hunting tomorrow?

National Express from Victoria is only about a tenner !!!