Have you seen this horse on the Hunt field??.


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25 September 2005
somewhere in pasty land
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Hello.I am not sure if this is the right place to post this but this horse was sold onto somebody who hunted with the Duke of Beaufort.I am trying to trace a horse.He is a 16.3hh Bay Gelding aged about 16 now.With a VERY coarse black mane and tail.He has about six white hairs on his face than i guess you could call a star.No other white markings.A very short coupled horse with a big jumping bump.He could jump but was strong and was ridden in a three ring gag.This horse was sold to someone who rode with the Duke's hounds back in 1993 onwards.And then was maybe sold to somebody in Devon.He was well bred with Shaab bloodlines.He went by the name Boxer!!.Any info would be great good or bad.Thank you . :grin: