Help a numpty re: BD dressage tickets

Tin Hat

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10 August 2012
I was hoping to enter my first affiliated test, albeit it only being a prelim. However I am a little confused with tickets and entry. So here come the numpty questions . . . . .
Neither rider or horse is registered does this mean I have to enter in the open section?
Secondly, do I need a ticket to enter a prelim class? I was under the impression I do not, only for novice classes and above.

Thank you in advance for an helpful replies, warm chocolate brownie and vanilla ice cream for all :)


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13 September 2010
Oop Norf
As far as my limited knowledge goes you need to register as an associate member (FOC) then you can enter the open secion of the prelim classes. I think you only need a ticket for novice upwards. Horse doesn't need to be registered either :)


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9 November 2011
You don't need a ticket, but you cannot enter the classes marked "Q" - these are the qualifier classes

This is from the BD website:

Should I compete in the open or restricted section?
Classes are split into open and restricted sections to create fair competition. The section you compete in is determined by your rider group. The restricted section is for riders who have won points at that level and up to 14 points at the next level up; the open section is for riders who have won more than 14 points at levels higher than the one they are competing in. For example, if a rider has won more than 14 points at medium or any points at advanced medium or above, they will need to compete in the open sections at levels lower than medium.

Can non-members compete in affiliated prelim classes?
Yes. Prelim classes are split into non qualifying and qualifying classes. The non qualifying section is for anyone, member or non-member, riding a registered or non-registered horse which must not have won more than 49 points. Those competing in non qualifying sections (previously known as the open section) do not qualify for summer or winter regional finals.