Help me find 6" Quarter Moon Eggbutt Snaffle?


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15 April 2017
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One of my horses has only ever enjoyed the bit he had since he was broken in. It seized up after about 6 years (Second hand when I got it too) and I have not been able to find one exactly the same. I tried fixing it but the rings only move if you stand on them now so its really not saveable. I have to be very careful what bit I use as he has a very soft mouth and is easily pinched at the sides. The bits I have bought since are not good for various reasons (too strong, pinches his mouth ect) so I am desperate to make him happy again and go back to his original bit.

It is a Quarter Moon Eggbutt Snaffle.

I have only been able to find one on the horse bit shop website, however they don't do his size (6"). I found a half-moon one on etsy (the gallop shop) but it looks too curved\high on the actual losange part (and it is sold out in his size). His old one looks very similar to the picture, just the middle part wasn't as pronounced.

If anyone can help me find one online/can point me to good bit websites I would be very grateful!


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1 July 2008
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Can't pm you but I have a 6", think it is a half moon rather than quarter moon. Welcome to have it and see how he goes. Try pm'ing me and I can send pic, if I can get the damn thing small enough to post on forum!
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