Help please, tracing ideas??


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20 August 2007
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I've never been any good at this tracing lark,

I posted a while back about my new mare (Welsh D x Appaloosa)
She is 9, 14.3, snowflake bay. She is part registered in both breed books.

She was sold to her previous owners as a 2 year old. Before that she was with a family in devon

I have a sneaky feeling she was probably bred in wales but nothing to confirm that

Her owners (before she was 2) apparently had the death or illness of their son to contend with and that is why she was sold)

Does anyone know anything of her history before she was 2 (good or bad!) Also Any information on her Dam and Sire would be great.

Her Dam is Reg Welsh D either: casgrug Joan or Lasgrug Joan this is all I know, any ideas on who owned this mare, or if she is still owned, or how i can find out

Her Sire is:
Pink Floyd GB
Date of Birth 22-May-1993
Gender Male
Colour Bay (Bay Few Spot Leopard)
Sire Name Danish Blue
Dam Name Classic Sable
Was still working
in 2007, he produced a lovely looking colt in 08 it is in adhorse. Does anyone know where he is at stud? I would love to know more about him and see a picture.

Any help, info or anything please

Thank you