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Roasted Chestnuts

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7 July 2008
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Right for all those who love research can you please find me a conditioning cube (cant be mix as he is cereal intolerant!!) that will put weight on a 17yr old welshxTB.

Kia has gained 35kgs in 6 weeks getting spillers conditioning cubes and pony nuts and alpha a and 2 coffee cups of oil added to his feed. Along with the hoof and arthritus supps but they arent weight gaining.

He is getting a full bucket full of feed and a full decahedron everynight and also on a lush paddock and still only 35kgs in 6 weeks. teeth are ok and he is bright and eager enough, loopy in the mornigs when you turn him out and perfectly fine to ride. I am just thinking he needs another type of feed as if i up the oil anymore it will be a feed swimming in the stuff.:rolleyes::D

Quick bit of info he lost a lot of weight there round about 60kgs all in the one go (no reason we could find) and I am desperately trying to put it back on!!

Come on guys really need help here.

Nikki xxx ;D