Help with understanding BS points please


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29 February 2012
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Hi, We've just got a copy of our pony's BS record and found out he has previously jumped Discovery & Novice. Could someone explain what the following means ?
Notional (what does this mean ?)

So, to date he has Total = 75 But it says PTS = 0

How are points calculated, I'm finding it all very confusing as we're newbies to BS & affiliated classes.

Is it a decent record ? I should add he has 14 Double Clears listed on his record.


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17 August 2008
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Thats the same post just in another section?

Actual refers to the amount of money actually won which is usually more than the notional amount. Each class will offer a sum of money for winning but the sum which goes on his record is the notional amount. So you might win £100 actual but the amount on the record is £10 notional. It is the notional amount which determines what level you can compete at and which BS grade. In 2014 this was transferred to a points system with notional winnings converted at the rate of £1 per point. We switched from BS to BE at about that time so my direct experience with points rather than actual & notional is limited. But I would assume that the pony was not active in BS at the time of transfer so although he has a historical record he has no current record and hence no points. If you re-affiliated him the notional sum would be converted to points.

Whether this is a decent record or not depends on his age, how old the record is and over what period of time it was achieved. £75 actual and 14 double clears obtained over a few months would be reasonable in a youngster someone was looking to sell as a competition prospect. It is less good in a well campaigned pony achieved over a number of years as it would make me wonder what on earth it was doing the rest of the time.