Here we go again Grrrrrrrrrr Rant


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4 September 2009
South Wales
It appears that some lowlife went into the horses field and pulled part of the electric fencing down (which is there for a reason) scattering it everywhere and because of this the horse and pony got into the neibouring fields which are all open plan so to speak and belong to the farmer up top.They were in the fields all night and waiting by the gate next morning in the bit of field that still belongs to the man I rent from. So he let them out of there,gave them hay and had them in ther driveway all night because he lost the paddlock key Id given him.So this morning I had to put the fence back up (part broken) and check everything else.There was part of a ladder in the other field which I think they were trying to steal,maybe they got disturbed I don't know. I have had one other problem where someone let the horses out 2 years ago on thanksgiving.Police were informed and ref number given.So called the police
today and now waiting for a local cop (same one as last time) to phone me. These scumbags are coming in from the forestry might not be seen.
Well Ive had a guts full.B******ds.
Sorry rant over!!!!