Hock injury not healing !

9 June 2012
Hi just wondering if any one has any experience of their horses recovering from a bad laceration to the hock . My youngster damaged it 8 weeks ago in a field accident. Went to hospital immediately for op to debride and clean. Many weeks on with thrice weekly vet visits and over £6 k spent he is still on box rest and starting to go stir crazy. Vet thinks it could be another 6 weeks.
I am running out of funds, insurance only to £3k, and horse is starting to lose it. Is there any dressing that would be waterproof? The injury doesn’t affect him from a soundness point of view. Box rest to aid healing and keep clean. He has to be sedated to change dressing which doesn’t help 😬
Any thoughts much appreciated
9 May 2009
The risk will be if the wound opens back up again as hocks are obviously constantly in use. In the past I have used a swimming hat, the stretch over your head type cut open to fit round a limb, to form a waterproof cover and then vet wrap over the top and bottom to keep it in place. But not a severe injury like you have though. I would be asking vet if a good idea and then also getting some ACP to take the edge off them so they didn't go too mad if the vet agrees to turnout.