horse away for schooling at ron brady


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26 March 2007
Daemon from Hades
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This is the sort of post that puzzles me.
Why would you ask after you sent your mare, not before? If you are not sure what to expect from a trainer, you could discuss it with them, initially, or now, rather than wait til you collect the animal.
The forum also has rules about defamation of character, to protect professionals in the industry, which would make it difficult for people to give an in depth analysis of any trainer's methods.


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8 July 2008
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i went and seen the yard etc before and know i want the horse to be well schooled and jumping when it comes back, reason i asked is i went to see her last night had massive stble massive bed she was really clean and well groomed seen her being ridden and she done great jumping over 1m and she has only been there about ten days .
think they have done a great job and goingt send the gelding there too.
just got more than expected last night and was really please
just wanted t know if that wa what you would expect, think i worded it badly.


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26 April 2007
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Ditto !!

I would always recommend you know what to expect from the trainer and how / she interacts with the horses before sending your horse away. What you get shouldn't be a surprise.

I sent my horse to someone recommended by the BSJA that I hadn't known of or met before and I asked to visit to see if he was suitable. The thing that swung it for me was that when he went up to the horses in their stables everyone of them came to the front to say hello to him. A small thing but it clearly showed to me they liked him.

I am glad you are pleased but it could easily have been a different story.