Horse shopping help!


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11 July 2012
West Midlands
Ok so I'm struggling to pick, out of a vast array of horses, so need help if anyone fancies doing some horsey shopping for me!

Looking for a youngster (ideally around the age of 2, but will consider younger or a little older), not backed, will live out for a good 2-3 years before being backed. Main aim will be dressage when they grow up but I'd like something sensible enough to be able to hack out and pop a jump if I ever felt inclined! I'm only short (5"3) but I'm not particularly lightweight so would like horse to make 16hh+. Not afraid of a big horse either, best horse I've had was 17.3! Would prefer a gelding.

Budget wise I'll be telling the OH that it was free to a good home (!) but realistically would like around £1.5k, max maybe £2.5k.

No exciting food on offer as I'm on the diet bandwagon :D