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5 September 2009
North Dorset
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After the slightly unexpected call yesterday from the little loan ponys owner who wants her back within a month (either to sell or to keep for her own daughter - bit confused by it all in honesty)
I have been 'looking'! I like looking and have already made several phone calls.
So far I have;
A possibility of a 13hh mare (she may have had lami) - waiting for a follow up call
A possibility of an 11.3hh - already gone on 'trial loan' but not looking good as they are complaining about her being too small for their 8 year old daughter. Owner has got my number and will phone back if these people return her.
Also been on a sanctuary site (previous pony came from them). 3 potenial ponies, waiting for a return email to discuss further to see if any of them are suitable.

My 'must haves' are - a mare between 11hh - 13hh, good lead rein and sensible off the lead rein in an arena type situation - (open fields off lead rein won't happen for a while!) Can't be 'hot on lami', but could cope with past history of.
Suitable for mini PC activities/small local shows.
Must be good in traffic - we have a lot of farm machinery.
Sadly, I don't have money to offer for the current pony - but she is fantastic and iam feeling sad that we have to give her back.
So, if you lovely lot know or might know of any pony mare looking for a loving loan home, then please get in touch - thanks in advance.


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1 August 2002
Beds/South Cambs
Hello, I recently bought a horse and looked at a lot of websites for horses for sale or loan. I would recommend Horsemart, Horsehunter and Horsequest, though you do really have to trawl through these.

It is also worth taking a look at the RSPCA website as they seem to have a lot of little welsh ponies at the moment and also check the Bluecross site from time to time.

There is a cute one here: about a quarter of the way down the page, titled 'Super safe first ridden pony for loan'. I looooove looking through horses and ponies on loan or for sale to match them up to people.