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15 July 2003
London and Hertfordshire
Pottersheath Road, Welwyn Hertfordshire.
Sunday 20th October at about 8.45am a trespasser was caught on horse owners owners land acting suspiciously. He spun a nice yarn but was clearly caught out. The owner took the opportunity to take a pic of his car as they had blocked him in with their vehicle. He was tall at about 6ft and well built, white, clean shaven, short dark hair. The horses are VERY well hidden and seemed undisturbed so it may be that he was interested in something else. But he had got through two locked gates onto the land and seemed surprised to find the owner. Registration Number M75 ALY Green old type five door cherokee 4x4. No tow bar.

At approximately 12.00pm today, an Irishman in a yellow van stopped at a yard just outside Hertford Hertfordshire and asked if any of the liveries were for sale. He didn't seem to be too interested in the answer but was paying a lot of attention to the ponies in the field. The owner was extremely suspcious and reported the incident to the Police. The man is approxiamtely 5' tall with grey hair. His companion did not get out of the van but appeared younger. The van is large and yellow with a white sticKer on the side. Partial index number TWC or TCW.
Please report this or any other suspicious vehicle tot eh Police on 0845 33 00 222. In an emergency please dial 999.

There has been a large tack theft from a yard in the Welwyn/Hatfield Hertfordshire area. Details are to follow. Bearing in mind this is not far away, please be extra vigilant and report anything suspicious to the Police on 0845 33 00 222.

Mrs Joanne Kennedy Public Protection Unit FIB Headquarters Snig Hill Sheffield S3 8LY Telephone 0114 2523302 Fax 0114 23885 18th October 2007
Three horses were recovered in the Kiveton Park of Rotherham 10.10.2007. No owners have yet come forward to claim them.
Bay mare, 15+ years, 14 hands
Black gelding, 13/14hands
The third horse is a black mare with white face markings, is approx. 2-3 years old and 13 hands. None of the horses are shod and all are believed to have signs of laminitus.

If any one has any information regarding the ownership of these horses, please contact the police or myself and quote incident number 987 of 10.10.2007.

Stolen from Doncaster 17.10.2007: -
Blue horse trailer with silver top – has blue and orange chevrons on the back.

Procad incident – 1351/17102007
Stolen trailer from Sheffield:-Equi-Trek white trailer. Serial number 6586/523M, model M
CRIME REF H/137171/2007
Missing since July from storage.
If you have information regarding any of the above crimes, please contact the police or

CRIME STOPPERS 0800 555 111