How do I stop my horse galloping home when I fall off?


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16 December 2012
South West
Haven't read all the replies - but after I had a bad fall and my old pony galloped home over three miles on the roads, I now always give my current boy a treat when I get off (that and after his inhaler are the only treats he gets). Now whenever I get off, he's looking for something to eat :p But he is totally motivated by Hedgy treats! My daughter fell off him jumping in the field recently, and the first thing he did was put his head down for a treat......................;)


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30 January 2015
‘Zombie thread‘ but good advice never gets old. Not sure why there’s a reason to be negative? The post came up on google high up when googling subject matter of exactly the advice I needed. Especially when it comes to a serious matter of horses running off to possible danger.
I’ll never understand negative un helpful comments on forums.
You should take your own advice about negative posts:)

A zombie warning is useful because people often post expecting replies from users who left the forum years ago.