How do you access the forum?


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3 May 2018
In a trough
Desktop only - if I am not at the house then I am not online. My neck creaks as it is without spending half my life with my phone tucked in between my shoulder and my ear. And I only use a phone for what it is - telephoning or on rare occasions a text. I am Neanderthal woman personified.
Another Neanderthal here.

I have a (used) early 2009 Mac Pro aka cheese grater - Firefox with every adblocker known to man
Also have a (used) IPhone 5S but don't like doing internet on it. Don't see the point when I am using the computer most days!
And I really like my ergonomic mouse.
OH and I are both very Trailing Edge, it goes with the grey hair.



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18 January 2021
Just curious really .... as you may suspect by the times I am on the forum (roughly 9 to 5, Monday to Friday), I may not be using my phone ;)
The only time I use my phone or iPad, is when I want to follow a link to a site that that is not allowed from my w**k computer (shh!)
I am on my old user name/password (Hopscotch Bandit) on my phone and on this username when on work computer. I set up my previous account on a work computer and then left the company and can't remember what the password was so then moved onto a new contract and used this username/password combo (which I have taken a note of).

So when I'm at home I use HB, which I don't do much of now because I don't enjoy the forum so much out of work time. But most people know as I announced it when I first came on here as Birker 2020. It wasn't done for any other reason. Although (as I've admitted on a previous post) I did leave the forum and come back as a new alias.

On a lighter note I do worry that the client I'm working for now will one day infiltrate my account and discover I spend a considerable amount of time on her. We are allowed 2 x 30m breaks a day so I try to keep to that if I can. This morning I'm trying to print off the Grand National Sweepstake Kit as I'm trying to raise money for our local MIND charity and twice I've been given 'THE MESSAGE' that comes up when you are not authorised to be on certain websites at work! :eek:
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