How do you move your large bale haylage?


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31 January 2008
I have about 12 old bales of haylage from the last two years that need to be moved into a different part of the field as they have gone off. What does everyone use to move their large bales? We want to hire something to move them as doing it ourselves without the proper equipment is a real slog but when we're not sure what the best equipment is and there is a bewildering array of machinery available out there!

Any advice welcome!


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21 June 2015
If you are not planning on feeding them to your horses you could ask your supplier if they would be willing to take them away when they deliver your next load? We would certainly do our best to help if asked by one of our customers, it wouldn't take long with the forklift as long as the ground conditions were ok.

Otherwise maybe have a chat with a local farmer? What part of the country are you in?

Dry Rot

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31 May 2010
I have moved 4x4 hay and straw rounds with the Landrover, trailer, ramps, and a long rope and I can't see why it would not wrk with haylage bales except that you are still going to need somewhere the dump them.

(1) Back the trailer up to the bales.
(2) Put on the brake or block the wheels.
(3) Attach the ramps.
(4) Unhitch the trailer.
(5) Attach a long rope to the bale.
(6) Attach end of rope to LR tow bar.
(7) Drive off slowly.

If you have positioned the rope correctly, the bale should be dragged up the ramp. I bought some straw bales off a neighbour. He could not work out how I had loaded them without a tractor. He is still convinced I rolled them up by hand! I've used the reverse procedure to load hay racks. With practice, it is quite easy.